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"I Do" or Do I?

Are You Ready to Change Your Relationship Status?
By (author)  J. Robin Maxson Garry Friesen
3 stars out of 5(2 ratings)
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Book Description

"I want to get married." If you're a Christian single, chances are good that thought has crossed your mind. You think about getting married and wonder if someday God will lead you to the soul mate He's chosen specially for you.

But decisions about whether to marry and whom to marry have never been more complicated. Opinions about singleness, dating, sex, and marriage have undergone tremendous changes as our culture continues to move away from biblical values and practices. Given the current complexity, it's vital that you find sure-footed answers to two key questions:

  • What does the Bible say about marriage?
  • How do I discover God's will for me when it comes to finding a mate?

"I Do" or Do I? is the ideal guide to help you answer these questions. It will equip you to think about marriage within the whole scope of your relationship with God and will enable you to discover your unique place in His world--whether single or married.