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About Us

Barbadian company Datalore Inc. prides itself on 25 years of innovation and an ability to adapt to the constantly evolving book industry. Under Datalore, the brands Book Source, Chattel House Books and Caribbean Publishers Link emerged.

In November 2014, Datalore Inc. opened a new retail store called Chattel House Books with the mission of promoting local and regional authors. The store caters to an often neglected niche market through the provision of an easily accessible showcase of local books for its customer base.

Through its doors, customers will find 170 titles by 140 local authors spanning a multitude of genres - Children, Inspirational, Religious, Historical, Political, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Thrillers and more.

Since its launch, Chattel House has hosted a plethora of in-store events for authors such as book signings, book launches, authors’ interactive sessions, and children's reading days.

Beyond the retail store, Chattel House Books has an e-book e-commerce website for local and Caribbean authors’ titles (chattelhousebooks.com).  

Chattelhousebooks.net, the print website, provides an online platform for customers to search for and purchase local and regional titles.

Under Caribbean Publishers Link, local authors are offered marketing and distribution services for their books and by extension connections to editing, graphics, publishing, and printing services. Datalore Inc. offers ebook conversion services to the authors.

Book sourcing is another major service provided in store and online by Chattel House.  With access to over 15,000 publishers worldwide, books are shipped and arrive within three (3) to seven (7) business days. Book Source’s access to over seven (7) million titles provides a truly useful service for the Chattel House clients.

The general response from the public is that they are truly impressed that a bookstore has made a conscious effort to support local, as many bookstores in Barbados primarily focus on the promotion of international books. They are even more impressed by the wide range of local books offered; especially those which they were previously unaware of.